Free Community Clinic In The Gidikpoe No.2 Region

Soulwinners International is a local Christian organization operating out of Ghana, West Africa. It is deeply rooted in the local communities and provides free clinics, food distribution, poverty alleviation, and medical relief across the poorer and more remote areas of the region. Soulwinners International consists of a number of local volunteers across many professions including doctors, nurses, teachers, principals and many other medical and nonmedical professionals.

The overall improvement of malaria prevention and community sanitary conditions is vital to eliminating malaria once and for all. Partnering with Soulwinners International allows BlueNet to go deep into Ghanaian communities and villages and better understand the needs of the local people so that our work can genuinely address their needs.

On August 3, 2019, BlueNet and Soulwinners International collaborated in carrying out a free community clinic in the Gidikpoe No.2 region. In addition to providing diagnosis and treatment, the volunteers also gave workshops about infectious diseases preventions. Through the combined efforts of our volunteers, they managed to treat over 250 villagers on that day alone.

In the future, BlueNet will continue to cooperate with Soulwinners International to work with local communities. BlueNet plans to focus on malaria prevention and treatment in a single community every year. Through preventative education, insecticide-treated bed nets distribution, malaria treatment, and hygiene awareness, our goal is to reduce the incidence of malaria infection from 20% to 5% in a single community.