Princess Marie Louise Hospital

Princess Marie Louise Children's Hospital (PML) is the first children's hospital inside the heart of Accra, Ghana. It was built in 1926 with the mandate of providing quality and accessible health care to children. As the leading hospital for childcare services in Ghana, the hospital enjoys a high profile within the local community. It also works in collaboration with all partners in health to ensure that every individual, household, and community in the Greater Accra region is adequately informed about child health and has equitable access to high-quality health and related interventions.

As one of the few children's hospitals in West Africa, Princess Mary Louise Children's Hospital has always been at the forefront of fighting malaria. A serious shortage of medical resources, including the number of medical staff and beds that are available, have made it challenging for both patient care and timely treatment. Among the 300 children received daily, almost 20% are received because of malaria infection. Although this number has been greatly reduced when compared to the region's historic five-year trend, many children either cannot receive timely treatment or cannot afford the medicine and care that is needed. For this reason, Princess Mary Louise Children's Hospital has become the top priority for BlueNet's anti-malaria initiative in West Africa.

In July 2019, BlueNet officially signed a long-term Memorandum of Understanding with Princess Mary Louise Children's Hospital. BlueNet promises to donate antimalarial drugs twice a year, with a total budget of $10,000 per year. And PML pledged to give these donated drugs directly to the families in need under their physicians' supervision.

On August 6 this year, BlueNet delivered $5052 worth of anti-malarial drugs to Princess Mary Louise Children's Hospital as promised. The second delivery is expected in December or January 2020 (depending on the consumption of the first delivery). In the future, BlueNet will also purchase insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) and donate to families through PML to prevent recovered children from getting infected again.