Try our best to save lives from malaria.

Malaria is one of the three major infectious diseases in the world today. Most of the Malaria cases occurred in the African region.

According to The World Malaria Report 2018 issued by WHO, in 2017, an estimated 219 million cases of Malaria occurred worldwide, there were an estimated 435 000 deaths from Malaria globally, 61% of deaths under five years old.

Artemisinin and its derivatives, as anti-Malaria drugs, have now become the most effective Malaria treatment drugs officially recognized by the WHO.

A Non-Profit Organization

We are a group of high school students. In order to fight the most infected and critical diseases in today's human society, we have established BlueNet, a non-profit organization

Our goal is to save the lives of people from severe malaria-cases, especially those in children.